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Peter E. Dolan

Peter E. Dolan

Founding Partner

Peter works with accomplished families across the country. 

Peter gets a deep satisfaction from being able to create close partnerships with his clients. He enjoys helping them develop an integrated approach to their financial matters. 

Peter is a strong advocate of the importance of taking a balanced approach when creating a portfolio. He looks at every investment from the perspective of creating sustained growth, managing risk, and providing an optimal amount of diversification.

He believes that there are multiple ways to manage money, and it is important to offer his clients access to as many options as possible so that together they can make sound choices.

Besides his work as an advisor, Peter enjoys making contributions outside the office.  He has been a President of the International Association of Financial Planning and currently serves as a Board member of Regis University, helping oversee endowments, operations, and strategic planning for three colleges that serve 13,000 students. He also enjoys spending time in California at his family’s winery.

Peter Dolan is the author of “The Integrated Investor: The Art and Science of Financial Achievement”. Learn more about Peter’s book here.